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Join Flygirl Moment

Join with thousands of other women across the country who are becoming Flygirls.  There is no age category, no special requirements.  Just women supporting women.

Become a Flygirl and start sharing your experiences.   Together we can "make it a Flygirl day!"


The Flygirl Mantra


Flygirl is a frame of mind. 

It is not defined by age but attitude.

It is a "seasoned woman" who has been there and done that.

A woman who is not paralyzed by her circumstance, but motivated by her possibilities.

A woman who continues to dream even if she is living a nightmare.

Flygirls are women who support each other.

Women who put on their lip gloss and step out in their sexy stilettos.

Women who work one, two, and in some cases three gigs to make sure she and her family has the best.

A flygirl may be married and standing by her man or she may be single and content right where she is.

She may desire the companionship, but does not need a man to make her complete.

A flygirl knows that a relationship with God is the source of her strength, and she knows she has liberty in that relationship.

Flygirls enjoy getting together with other flygirls.  These moments can be weekend getaways or quaint book club gatherings, or anything in between.

Flygirls can come together for a cause or simply to exhale.

Flygirls cross all boundaries and ethnic groups, but are linked by their similarities and the desire to belong to a bond that support their differences but applaud their sisterhood.

So go ahead...

Get with your girlfriends, hangout with your man, curl up with a book...

Whatever you do, make it a Flygirl Moment!

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